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dear beloved...


a voice for the forgotten power of the womb. I'm a guide for women to feel at home in their bodies and in ownership of their lives, aligned with their soul purpose, and activated in expansive pleasure!


I source the sacredness of menstrual cycles, somatic healing, subconscious alchemy, embodied movement, sacred sensuality, and basically all things that empower a woman into her fullest expression and the confidence to claim the life that she desires.

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BLOSSOM is a 90-minute embodied movement journey through the 7 Gates of the Womb.


What You'll Learn:

- what are the 7 Gates of the Womb & the wisdom each gate holds for your life

- why the 7 Gates are so important for you to feel safe in your body, open to receiving, and clear in your power

- listen to your body's natural timing to blossom open to love and to life with greater ease & deeper pleasure

- connect with your Cervix as a sacred bridge between the cosmic realm of the womb and the life you are creating here in the earth realm.

your body and womb open to receive more deeply and create life from your source of power.


WORK W/ ME 1:1

Want a deeper, more loving and liberating relationship with your body?

Feeling blocked in one or more areas or life and desire to connect with your body's wisdom to shift the energetics?

Want to prepare your body for an empowering childbirth and postpartum?

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"Working with Hannah is incredible. She is an incredible listener and advisor. In our 1:1 sessions, I felt so valued and heard, and I felt like she truly helped me work through some really deep stuff. She gave me tools and practices and mindset shifts to allow for real change in my life. She is incredibly experienced and knowledgeable in so many modalities that she brings in and is the expert of all things regarding yoni, womb, and cycle health and healing!" - Carissa

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"Working with Hannah, I've realized that being feminine is powerful, not powerless. This program has given me strength and motivation to claim what I desire, to really go for it and start my business on my own. Thank you!" - Marta

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