At 8 Limb Mama, I guide you to love your menstrual cycle, embody your sensuality, and harness the feminine power of your womb.


We use embodiment practices, the phases of the moon, and the phases of your menstrual cycle to understand and transform your inner workings, love your body, & be the conscious co-creator of your life.

FREE spiRITUAL Woman's Guide to Honoring Her Yoni for:

- more pleasure

- body temple love

- enhanced sexual & womb health

- & spiritual relationship to your menstrual cycle


What is Embodiment?

Embodiment is the practice of rooting into your unique essence, which resides within your physical being. Through embodiment work, you become a living, breathing expression of the energies and qualities that make you - YOU. By rooting into your feminine nature, you become your own medicine woman - highly intuitive, equipped to move through mental and emotional blocks, overcome challenges and be a magnet to the life and the relationships you desire. 

From familial beliefs and patterning, to historical and societal imprints,

women have lived for centuries being told our bodies need to look a certain way or move a certain way, to not trust our intuition or emotions, that being sexual or sensual is wrong or shameful, that living a creative and self-driven life is not available to mothers,

and the list goes on...


You get to write your story.

You get to live the song of your soul.

And the lyrics are written in the physical matter of your being.  

In my classes, programs, and 1:1 embodiment sessions with women, I guide you through a system I created called the 8 Limb Path in which women learn practical tools you can use to stay deeply connected to your body, your feminine nature, and thus,

your higher Truth.


Read more about my 8 Limb Path here. 

Who is Embodiment For?

Embodiment is for any woman who desires to feel good in her body and be the magnetic creator of her own life

From healers and entrepreneurs, to pregnant and new mamas, to women uncovering their authentic self, I work with women going through various life transitions who simply desire one thing - to live deliciously fulfilling lives in which she is intimately connected to her body and soul. The 8 Limb Path is for any woman who is ready to commit to self-love from the inside out, become deeply connected to her body and intuition, and rise above physical, mental, and emotional obstacles that prevent her from living her most authentic and fulfilling life.


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Women's Embodiment Guide

Welcome! I'm Hannah, aka 8 Limb Mama. I guide women from healers and entrepreneurs  to pregnant and new mamas, to women who are just uncovering their authentic self, to embody their most confident and empowered version of Self. I created 8 Limb Mama during my pregnancy with my son as a response to the lack of resources and education for women to deeply connect with our feminine nature, love and trust our bodies, and stay deeply rooted in who we truly are throughout the many transformations and experiences life brings us. A dancer since 2, yoga teacher since 16, and mama since 23, I believe (and know!) that a woman's body is her most valuable resource for living a truly happy and pleasurable life. 


Find out more about me and the services I offer HERE. 


"Working with Hannah, I've realized that being feminine is powerful, not powerless."

- Marta, Croatia

The Four Moon Archetypes
You are deeply impacted by the moon. This is not woo woo, this is the truth of being a woman with a womb and a body mostly consisting of water. Just like the ocean, you are pulled by the turn of the moon. Everything from the time of the month we start working together to the specific practices I give you and when I give them to you is based on the 4 moon phase archetypes that I have seen to be a highly effective blueprint for you to understand your own natural rhythms and fluctuations through a given month (even if you're not currently having menstruation cycles...) 
Womb Wisdom
Hey womban, did you know your womb is a powerful tool for manifestation and the house of memories, emotions, traumas, and more? Did you know that even if you've had a hysterectomy you can still connect to the wisdom of your womb? Or, how about that the energetic imprint of past lovers stays in your womb for up to 7 years and impacts how you show up in the world? Together, we'll work to heal both your relationship to the feminine and to the masculine. Your womb and your yoni will become beautiful portals through which you relate to the world. You will come to understand the history behind why women and the feminine are viewed the way they are, and release whatever blocks you may hold to connecting with your own feminine power.
Amba Movement
Ok, this may just be the most powerful tool that I can give you. Amba Movement is a women's embodiment and feminine yoga practice that goes far beyond the linear, masculine movement you've ever experienced in traditional yoga, weight lifting, cycling, pilates.... you name it. In Amba, we work with non-linear forms of movement that respect the omni-directional intelligence of feminine nature. This is the single most powerful practice I've ever done or taught that brings women back home to sensing the pure power and pleasure that exists inside of you.
Seems simple enough, right? Wrong. There are thousands of ways to breathe and each one is like its own remedy for you to access the magnetic aliveness that exists inside of you, burn away resistance and stress, soothe and ease your body and mind, and become a powerful attractor for the type of energy you desire to embody and have in your life. 
Rituals are practices that you do with intentional action and energetic alignment to what it is that you are hoping to call in to your life. Rituals bring you closer to nature, to the earth, to your intuition, and they help you to ground into your body. I offer you specific rituals that I have tried and tested to be helpful whether you are manifesting something you want or overcoming a challenging situation in your life whether it is physical, mental, or emotional (or another person.... I mean, let's be real...)
Earth Connection
You are always in relationship to the earth. Whether you are making a conscious connection the earth or simply living unaware of this relationship, you are always in relationship to the earth, because, well, you are of the earth. The Earth Connetion practices I share are some of my clients' favorites because once you learn this, you can access the love and support and strength of the earth in any given moment. It will literally change how you view the world - in the best of ways!
Nature's 5 Elements
You are made of the same 5 elements that exist within all of nature. I help you determine what elements are most dominant within your unique makeup so that you can better understand why you operate, react, feel, and experience life the way you do. I also offer you tools to access any of the 5 elements within you, based on your needs in a given moment whether it's to get in you into a certain mindset or move through an emotion or feel a certain way in your body. 
Ahh sound. One of the most potent ways for us to express how we feel and access our life force, and yet, there is so much shame and awkwardness around making noise. Don't worry, I'll get you over that real quick. We work with sound as a way for you to exercise using your voice, release tension in your mind and body, and be an effective communicator (to people and to the Universe) so you can more easily get what you want, get through challenging situations (hello, childbirth!) and feel the way you desire. 

“This work has been life changing for me. If you are feeling any pull to this I would urge you to take the leap. Don’t do it because of my words, do it because you’re body and soul are telling you to. Listen to yourself and don’t let any external voice drown out your own.”

- Megan, Oregon

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