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Womb Awakening

Release Undesired Energies from the Womb & Activate Your Feminine Power 

Move energy, emotions, stress, and trauma.

Release undesired energies from your womb and body.

Activate your Feminine Power.


There's almost nothing more powerful than a woman who knows how to support her womb in releasing the energetic imprints of people, lovers, relationships, traumas, and so much else that you don't want influencing your energy and the health of your womb and menstrual cycle, which inevitably impacts your mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

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In the Womb Awakening Masterclass, I'm going to share with you sacred practices to support your body in healing imbalances in your menstrual cycle, your mental & spiritual health, and take ownership of your energy, your creative power, and your sensual pleasure. 

Included in this masterclass is a guided

Womb Dance which uses earth-based, feminine movement to release energetic entanglement with people and environmental stressors, build strong energetic protection & boundaries, and recalibrate you to a clear, rooted, and aligned state of being. 


This Journey is for YOU if....

  • you desire an even more powerful connection with your womb 

  • you experience menstrual irregularities, pain, and womb-related imbalances to your mental/emotional/spiritual health

  • you experience pain during sex

  • you want to own your sensuality and pleasure

  • you are transitioning relationships or careers and/or processing deep emotions, stress, and/or traumas associated with either 

  • you have trouble conceiving, recurring miscarriages, and/or want to support your womb for a healthy conception

  • you desire to release the energetic imprints of people &/or traumatic events

  • you experience anxiety, depression, fear, and other mental/emotional

  • you desire to feel rooted in your personal and creative power and clear in what to do or create next in alignment with your Truth


  • I'm going to share with you the womb work and embodiment practices I've used the last 6yrs to heal my womb from sexual trauma, abortion, leaving a toxic 7yr relationship, intense shadow work and so much else...

  • I'll help you find the gift in every womb-related challenge you have or have yet to experience so you can transmute your pain into pleasure and purpose.

  • Learn how you can work with your menstrual cycle, your sensuality, and practices like vaginal de-armoring and yoni steaming to support your womb/body/soul in somatic healing and recalibrate to your authentic power, essence, and Truth

  • You'll be guided through a powerful Womb Dance for Womb Awakening, Release, and Activation - the same movement I used to restore balance in my menstrual cycle after months of irregularities that brought anxiety, depression, and a decrease in my vitality.

  • Learn about an exciting opportunity to take this work further in a powerful container with me and women around the world doing the work together



Hannah Grasso

As a student and teacher of the Feminine Arts and Somatic Healing for nearly 15 years, I am fortunate to have the tools and knowledge to support my body in processing stuck energy, trauma and emotions. Starting in February 2021, along with thousands of other women, I started experiencing irregularities in my menstrual cycle that I had never seen before and that were greatly impacting my mental health. I knew exactly what I needed to do to restore balance. I also know that SO many women do not have this same fortune.

I want to change that.

From sexual trauma to childbirth to years of being on birth control, womb trauma is a normal part of life. I believe knowing how to support our wombs in healing and restoring balance should be a normal part of life also.


This is the place to start.

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Womb Awakening Masterclass

Tuesday July 20 at 5:55 pm pst on Zoom
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