A 12 week program for women to embody their true power and heal their relationship to self

The Village

of Sacred Wombyn  

An 8 limb path

I know what you're going through. You....

Follow every IG goddess who expresses herself and lives her life in a way you admire hoping that your inspiration will eventually manifest itself into your reality


You have this earthy, mystical, sensual side to you that you just haven't been able to fully express, or maybe haven't felt comfortable expressing


and on top of that....

You have trouble finding other women in your area that share this earthy, mystical, sensual side or that you really connect with on a soul-level 


You're feeling all the emotions that come with being a modern woman and/or motherhood - whether preparing for labor or just simply birthing a new phase in your life - and it feels a little scary and overwhelming. You know you're strong and confident but you're seeking the tools and support to feel really grounded at this time in your life 


And I know, this is a tough one....

 You aren't thrilled with the quality of intimacy in your life -

both in sex and in your communication 


You feel like you rarely have time for yourself

and that you're not living your full potential

and because of it

your happiness,

your relationships,

your intimacy,

your self-love & confidence

everything is affected by this.

You Dream About...

Having more women in your life who will do yoga, dance, and talk about the moon and consciousness with you... where are they?!

Looking yourself in the mirror and not only loving the woman in front of you,

but truly feeling at HOME inside your own body.


Having sex with your partner (or yourself) feeling like a beautiful, sensual goddess who knows how to ask for what she wants and feel orgasms that ripple through her entire being


Oh yes, I went there...

You dream about how powerful and in flow your life would feel if you could finally be rid of mental, emotional, and energetic blockages from your past or present life


 (& For the mamas & mamas to be...)

You dream of raising your babies in a household that reflects your love for the natural world around you, and having the patience and self-forgiveness to consciously parent them

You dream of having a really magical birth experience where you feel deeply connected to your body and your baby and feel like a superwoman goddess warrior afterwards


You want to prepare for your birth in a way that traditional childbirth ed classes don't provide - a way that connects you to your primal nature and gives you the tools to take on the birth experience with complete confidence and trust in your body 

Hey Beauty, I See You

I'm Hannah Grasso, and I so understand where you're at

I know what it's like to feel like there is this primal, spiritual goddess inside of you who is just waiting to be unleashed 


I know what it's like to feel the overwhelm of life & motherhood and the deep desire to stay connected to your most authentic self through it all 

I know what it's like to compare yourself and to try to level up to others on social media, trying to do alllll the things and still have the high-vibe life, gorgeous body, and well-behaved, crunchy babes

The thing is - the answer to all of this resides in you staying devoted to your self-worth and your most natural self-expression

From my years as a yoga teacher, a birth doula, a mom, and a woman devoted to her personal evolution, I've outlined the 8 limbs or 8 practices that I believe are crucial for a woman to stay connected to her most sacred nature


I'm here to guide you through your journey to your highest Self

To provide you with the power of transformation that can only take place in a sacred women's circle

Are you ready?

The Sacred Wombyn

8 Limb Path


Cleanse, heal, and awaken through vital and ancient breath techniques in our weekly embodiment sessions 

Take charge of your expression, communication, & intuition by harnessing the power of your unique vibration



Feminine Embodied Movement to feel absolutely divine in your temple, return home to your most primal nature, and embody the sacred wisdom being awakened

Moon Rhythms

Attune to your natural rhythms and creative potential with an ancient tool for tracking and interpreting how the archetypal moon energies show up in your life


Rituals are the thread that bind the fabric your intentions together. Seal your intentions through guided rituals in sync with the New and Full Moons 


Be welcomed into the virtual village of sacred wombyn to reach exponential internal growth inherent with sacred women's circle

Womb Wisdom

Reclaim the wisdom of your womb as a portal for authentic expression, divine manifestation, and healing. Be guided through your womb through our weekly video lessons you can watch anytime.


Embrace your creatress and powers of manifestation. Discover a new way of connecting to Self and the natural world as a creative being

A 12 week Program 

We will spend 3 New Moons and 3 Full Moons together journeying through the

Sacred Wombyn 8 Limb Path

Month 1

 Module 0

Welcome to the Village


Module 1

The Wise Woman Phase

Embrace Your Shadow + Connect With Your Womb

+New Moon Ritual


Module 2

The Virgin Phase

Clearing Space for You Inside 


Module 3

The Mother Phase

Healing the Mother Wound

+ Full Moon Ritual

Month 2

Module 4

The Enchantress Phase

The Voice of Your Womb,

Clearing Limiting Beliefs

 Module 5

The Wise Woman Phase

Embody Your Sensuality

+ New Moon Ritual

Module 6

The Virgin Phase

The Role of Birth on Our Lives

Module 7

The Mother Phase

The Death of Disempowered Self, 

The Birth of Full Empowered Self

+ Full Moon Ritual

Month 3

Module 8

The Enchantress Phase

Integration Week


Module 9

The Wise Woman Phase

Sacred Relationship

+ New Moon Ritual


 Module 10

The Virgin Phase

Your Relationship to the

Womb of the World & The Black Light

Module 11

The Mother Phase

Sealing This Container

Celebrating Your Transformation

+ Full Moon Ritual

Inside the Village...

You Will Receive...

- 12 weekly recorded lessons on womb wisdom and/or moon rhythms that you can watch at any time



- 1 weekly recorded embodiment session 


- Monthly New Moon and Full Moon Rituals & Sharing Circle with Hannah and the entire Village of Sacred Wombyn


- 1 Ancient tool for tracking and interpreting how your womb cycles align with the moon cycles (can also be used during pregnancy and postpartum when you do not have bleeding)


- Exclusive access to private facebook group with your sister tribe for continuous support and a safe container to share your experiences 


- option to continue participation inside The Village after the initial 3 months at the "grandmother" rate 

Why You'll Love It...

(As if you need any more reasons!)

Made to Suit Your Schedule

All material for the course will be recorded so you won't miss out on anything + can adapt it to your busy life


Lifetime Access 


You will have lifetime access to all of the recorded and pre-recorded material. Never feel like you missed out or have to remember every little detail. Everything is available to you, always.


Empowering Content

This will challenge you to grow and move out of your comfort zone, but it will be fun and easy to incorporate into your life.

A huge benefit to this program is the connection you will make with other women. We're building a virtual village!

Create Lasting Relationships


No more waiting

You bet your beautiful ass that you deserve this 

To receive more information and speak with Hannah

This Program is For Women Who Want...

To step into your full power as a woman and learn the ancient wisdom of your sacred nature that used to be passed down through the women in the tribe 

Deep personal transformation and healing in the presence and support of true sisterhood, void of judgement or envy

To understand and harness your true potential for being the divine creator of your life

To nurture and strengthen your soul-given connection to the earth, the moon, and the cosmic forces