The Wombkeepers Mastermind

a 6-month mentorship & sistership for embodied, womb conscious living

A space for wombkeepers to give back to their own body and heart

Integrate an even deeper connection with their womb

To receive love, healing, and support from a trusted mentor and loving wombxn

To deepen your embodiment, so you can show up

To be guided into a deeper connection with your womb and 


Have a dedicated space that you choose to show up in twice a month to get showered and charged with the love and healing and support that you are normally giving to others.


There are so many benefits to belonging to THE HIVE

Womb and embodiment work is BIG work to do in the world, belonging to a sistership of wombkeepers, you don't have to do the work alone. You get to be continuously inspired, challenged (in the most nurturing of ways) to uplevel in all areas of your life, and 

Every wombxn in this space is here with the same intention -

To love and not judge

To celebrate and not compare

To be present with their own body and go deeper,




THE HIVE is for wombyn who see & feel the sacred significance of womb work and embodiment in your individual life and in the evolution of your soul, of the earth, and of humanity. 


For wombyn who desire belonging to a sistership of high-level consciousness exploration to support you on your path as a healer, creatress, mother, artist, and human embodying the Divine through your temple. 


For wombyn who feel it is part of your purpose on earth to work with the womb, you may even support or desire to support others to heal and connect with their womb, and know that the best way to do that is through your own committed embodiment practice and surrounding yourself with wombyn who have the same intention.

For wombyn who desire to move (literally) beyond learning through the mind - listening to lectures, reading books, taking courses, etc - and cultivate a consistent practice of embodiment and integration. 

For wombyn who value community, immersive learning through the body, and integration support.

Who is a wombkeeper?

Like a beekeeper tends to the life of bees, you tend to the life of the womb; your womb and the collective womb. What makes your work unique, is that you are both the wombkeeper and the womb itself. You hold a womb (physical and/or energetic) in your body that connects to the womb of the earth, the collective womb, the womb of the cosmos, and the original womb. As a wombkeeper, you recognize the sacredness in forming conscious partnership and healthy relationships with the other wombkeepers and work together like bees in the hive to uphold the vitality and aliveness of the whole. 


Are only women wombkeepers?

No. Anyone can be a wombkeeper, even men. Women and people born in female bodies (wombyn), however, do have a unique connection to the womb and a unique responsibility/opportunity to tend to the vitality of the womb. Just like we need people who tend to the earth, we need people to tend to the womb. In fact, tending to the womb is a necessary part of tending to the earth. They are not exclusive. 

For the purpose of THE HIVE, 


  1. I had a hysterectomy, can I still join?
    Yes! In fact, it would benefit you greatly. You are always connected energetically to your womb. The imprints, stories, memories, etc of your womb are encoded in your DNA. The Hive will offer you the opportunity to reconnect with a part of you that may feel lost or distant post-hysterectomy.


  2. Are trans and non-binary folks welcome?
    Yes! If you have or have had a womb in your body, The Hive is for you.


  3. Is this safe for pregnant wombyn?
    Not only is it safe, it is incredibly beneficial to you, your body, and your baby! Your journey and practice within The Hive will prepare your body and spirit in the most naturally Feminine way for birth, postpartum, and motherhood. As well, as you heal and activate your own womb, you will literally be offering all of that same healing to your baby. 


  4. Are there payment plans?
    Yes! See the pricing details here.


  5. What happens if I miss a gathering?
    Attending The Hive live sessions is greatly encouraged. Do your absolute best to block the dates and times off on your calendar and show up for yourself and for your circle of wombyn. If something in life comes up and you do need to miss a class, a library of class recordings will be available on the Thinkific class portal 24-48hrs after the live transmission. You will absolutely receive the same power of the transmission watching the recording, however, attending live does bring a different energy to your practice, keeps you accountable to your practice, and it also supports the container in keeping the energy alive and flourishing. Every wombyn benefits from the presence, devotion, and deepening contributed by the all.


  6. What are some additional perks to joining The Hive? 
    + Exclusive prices on all of Hannah’s live offerings released during the 6 month season
    + Priority enrollment in all of Hannah’s live retreats offered during the 6 month mentorship