THE HIVE is our space to gather as women & deepen in relationship to our own body as sisters and partners in this evolving world. Through movement, womb connection, and Holy sistership we are supported in maintaining a consistent, loving, & honest practice of embodying our womb wisdom in our everyday lives. 


We practice bringing the Way of the Womb into all of our relationships - with God, with our lovers, our families, our communities, & those we work with or serve,

starting with our own womb,

our own heart,

our own body.

We are the Wombkeepers, tending to The Hive that is the collective womb.

Through our movement, our wisdom sharing, & the grace of our Divine Love,
we create a sacred dance of sistership thats supports & strengthens the grid that connects us all. 

We have a Divine Mission
to remove the blockages set before us, and within us,
to create space within our body temples and in our lives to be filled
with the eternal wisdom, love, and power of the womb

We are here to create (& re-create)
the way forward

in re-membrance of our Divinity,

in embodiment of our soul's sovereign Truth,

in empowering relationship with other women, our bodies, the earth, with life

& in honor of 

the Way of the Womb.



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Each season (3 months) we will journey with a theme that provides a supportive structure for us to do our work within. Each month within the season will have a Wisdom Topic, each one like a single honeycomb cell within the whole for us to explore & integrate this wisdom in our lives. Our Wisdom Topics are like living oracle cards that breathe life into the areas of our lives we are being called to grow & deepen in our embodiment.

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THE DANCE  | 1x monthly on zoom

Did you know that bees communicate to each other through dance? In THE HIVE, we gather once per month for 'The Dance' - a 2hr Wombkeepers gathering exploring the month's wisdom topic, including a 75min embodied movement & womb connection practice designed to create space for this wisdom to live inside of us.

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LET'S MAKE HONEY | 1x monthly on zoom

Sistership is the honey of our Hive. Each month we meet for our Honey Talk, a collective call with the sole intention of building sisterhood & lasting friendships while you receive continued support & inspiration for where and how you are integrating the Wisdom Topic in your body and in your life. Recordings of THE DANCE are housed on the member page for you to replay & revisit at your leisure.

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When it serves the container, we will have on guest teachers to further support our embodiment work. Topics might include rose code embodiment, womb-mind healing, Sophia template activations, voice empowerment, human design, herbalism, astrology, sound healing, and more. 


Love, Wisdom, & Power make up the triune nature of the Divine. In November, we return to the Divine Love of the Mother, dissolving all distortion that remains within our relationships to our body, to other women, to our Mother, and to the earth. In December, we journey through the multi-verse of supreme intelligence that exists within your own body and breathe yourself full with the Divine Wisdom of the Father so you may guide your life from your deepest intuition and eternal soul-knowing. In January, we land in the power birthed from the inner union of your Divine Feminine and Masculine templates and embody your superhuman abilities to co-create with the Divine, through you, as you.


CLICK HERE to use the timezone converter. All times below are in PST. Recordings will be available for THE DANCE gatherings if you are unable to attend live and/or would like to replay again throughout the month.



Thurs Nov 11 12 - 2pm pst


Tues Nov 16 4:30-5:30p pst



Sun Dec 5 11 - 1pm pst


Tues Dec 14 4:30 -5:30p pst



Sun Jan 2 11 - 1p pst


Tues Jan 18 4:30 - 5:30p pst 


  • More than a memberhsip, THE HIVE is a sistership. It is for women who genuinely desire to belong and to contribute to a living sistership of high-level consciousness exploration to support you on your path as a healer, creatress, mother, lover, artist, and human embodying the Divine through your temple.

  • Women who desire a deeper relationship with your body, your womb wisdom, and with other women who understand you and truly see you.

  • Women who long for a container that will keep you devoted to showing up for yourself and being consistent in your embodiment and womb connection.

  • Women who desire to move beyond discussing and intellectualizing concepts and into practicing true integration through embodiment, dance, prayer, and living sisterhood.

  • Women who feel it is part of your purpose on earth to work with the womb, whether just for yourself or you may even desire to share it with others, and know that the best way to do that is through your own committed embodiment practice.



one month

(1) THE DANCE 2hr embodiment gathering

(1) HONEY TALK Sistership Call

guest teacher workshop (if applicable)

access to full library of previous classes accessible for 1 month

exclusive playlist


3 month commitment

monthly THE DANCE 2hr embodiment gathering

monthly HONEY TALK Sistership Call

guest teacher workshops

access to full library of previous classes

exclusive playlists

first priority enrollment in Hannah's retreats & trainings



1. I had a hysterectomy, can I still join?

Yes! In fact, it would benefit you greatly. You are always connected energetically to your womb. The imprints, stories, memories, etc of your womb are encoded in your DNA. THE HIVE will offer you the opportunity to reconnect with a part of you that may feel lost or distant post-hysterectomy. 


2. Are trans and non-binary folks welcome?

Absolutely! THE HIVE is open and inclusive to all. Womb connection and embodiment is a prominent component of THE HIVE. If you feel called to connect with the womb and be in sistership with womb-conscious leaders, then THE HIVE is for you.

3. Is this safe for pregnant women?
All of the movement and womb connection inside THE HIVE is designed for you to move intuitively and honor your body's needs whether you are pregnant, menstruating, or anything else. In fact, we intend for THE HIVE to be incredibly beneficial to pregnant women, your body, and your baby! Your journey and practice within The Hive will prepare your body and spirit in the a wonderfully Feminine way for birth, postpartum, and motherhood. As well, as you heal and activate your own womb, your baby will receive the benefits of your healing as well. Of course, please consult your doctor if you have any concerns.


4. What is the monthly time commitment?
In a given month, you will invest about 5-6hrs of your time split between THE DANCE (2hr Embodied Wisdom Gathering), HONEY TALK (90min Sistership call), & monthly guest workshop. 

5. What is the price to join THE HIVE? 

You have two pricing options that you can view here. We offer a very affordable pricing plan for sisters who choose to commit to the sistership for a minimum of 3 months. This is our way of rewarding you for your devotion to your embodiment. 

6. What if I miss a gathering? 
HIVE SISTERS are greatly encouraged to attend the Live sessions. The monthly schedule is available for each season. Please book the dates and times on your calendar and prepare any support you might need from loved ones to uphold your commitment to your self and to this container. With that said, of course we understand that life happens and we are all located in many time zones around the world. If you are unable to attend THE DANCE live, there will be a replay available on the membership page within 24-48 hrs after the event. HONEY TALKs will not be recorded in order to support each woman who speaks in feeling safe to share openly. Your presence in wanted and celebrated in this sistership! Each woman being devoted to showing up LIVE as often as possible helps to build the foundation You will absolutely receive the same power of the transmission watching the recording, however, attending live does bring a different energy to your practice, keeps you accountable to your practice, and it also supports the container in keeping the energy alive and flourishing. Every woman benefits from the presence, devotion, and deepening contributed by the all