June 30, 2018
The Tara Sanctuary
Topanga, Ca

Sacred Wombyn Retreat

If you're a busy woman who yearns for a rejuvenating escape to reclaim your most vibrant, playful, sensual self without having to travel across the world and spend a ton of money, then join Hannah Grasso for this mini retreat in the

majestic Topanga mountains Saturday June 30, 2018

As your face is caressed by the warmth of the early morning summer sun and you can smell the crisp oak forest surrounding you, you begin walking down the quiet, serene path adorned with small fountains and waterfalls to the Tara Retreat Sanctuary where the stillness in the air makes the external world fall away.

Entering into the garden courtyard you're greeted by a pop of teal, the doors welcoming you into the 1,200 sq ft studio from which you will leave 9 hrs later feeling like a new woman, empowered with the divine wisdom of your womb and the intoxication of sistership. 


You can already hear the delightful chatter and laughter of your new sisters as they greet one another and settle in to the cozy space. 

As you enter you're greeted with warm smiles from the many faces of the goddess women who, through the power of sacred circle, will become your new best friends before the time you leave here today.

The Topanga mountains are the PERFECT place for you to connect to your sacred nature....

...this is your time to re-align with your natural rhythms and feel into your body's intuitive movement for deep nourishment and emotional release

Be supported by the spiritually and energetically potent landscape as you gain a whole new perspective of your powers for creation and healing in your relationships, career, and life

This sacred Native American land is frequently visited by artists, musicians, spiritual teachers and students, & anyone looking to escape the hustle of the city and connect with nature. This land is known to support you in your spiritual and creative development. 

The Venue

Adjacent to over 40 acres of Mountain Conservation Land, the Tara Sanctuary boasts a bright & spacious movement studio with bamboo floors where you will spend the day reveling in sacred ceremonies and tuning in to the internal wisdom stored in your very tissues.

Enjoy an organic vegetarian lunch with your sisters in the garden courtyard as you listen to the birds chirping among the trees bustling in the summer breeze.

Receive a shaman's blessing before you venture out on a solo nature quest among the private grounds or meditate in the gardens to the sound of bees buzzing among the flowers and the rush of water in the nearby waterfalls. This is your time to reflect and observe the experiential downloads coming through you. 

After lunch you'll spend time grounding with the natural landscape as you're lead on a womb-nature sensory experience. 


learn a whole new way to powerfully connect with the Earth Mother. 

The Experience

  • Come home to your Divine Feminine nature as you dance, move, and breathe through embodied movement

  • Free your mind of mental and emotional restrictions on your natural self-expression

  • Learn from a feminine embodied expert and shamanic healer how to connect to the power of your womb space, heal your body and your relationships, and manifest a life that truly excites you

  • Enjoy an Organic Vegetarian Lunch to fuel your body with light energy to support your spiritual awakening

  • Connect with like-minded women and be held in sacred women's circle

  • Ground your intentions through a sacred Full Moon Cacao ceremony, drinking this powerful earth medicine to support you in your journey in healing and authentic soul-expression

  • Gain clarity on what you are calling in and creating within your life with the support of the Full Moon energy

  • Connect with the Earth Mother through a guided sensory experience linking the power of your womb to the support of the earth

  • Enjoy a solo-quest on the sacred lands after receiving Shaman's blessing from shamanic healer and wild beauty expert, Megan Schaeffer 


9:00am - 11:00am: Opening Ceremony + Feminine Embodied Flow

11:00am - 12:00pm: Discussion: The Womb as a Portal for Divine Living 

12:00pm - 12:30pm: Organic Vegetarian Lunch


12:30pm - 1:30pm: Guided Sensory Experience in Nature


1:30pm - 3:00pm: Shamanic Healing Lead by Special Guest + Solo Nature Quest 

3:00pm - 4:00pm: Womb Wisdom Embodiment Flow + meditation


4:00pm - 6:00pm: Full Moon Cacao Ceremony + Sacred Wombyn's Circle

The Benefits

When you leave the Tara Sanctuary on Saturday June 30, 2018 will have arrived in the sanctuary that is your body....

You will leave feeling like an enchanted goddess deeply connected to her Divine Feminine powers for creation

You will leave with the tools to heal your relationship to your body, to self, and to all those whom you welcome into your life


You will leave with newfound sisters who humbly walk with you on this path of transformation and awakening 

You will leave feeling more ground and deeply connected to your intentions and ability to bring your intentions into physical manifestation

You'll walk away feeling lighter, stronger and with the confidence to continue unapologetically expressing your most authentic self

+ Get continued support in your journey of womb awakening after the retreat in the Sacred Wombyn private FB group to keep each other inspired and hold one another accountable in our commitments we declare during the Full Moon Ritual

About Your Guide

Hannah Grasso
ERYT 500 Yoga Teacher | Birth Doula | Embodiment Coach
Hannah, aka 8 Limb Mama, shares her passion and deep commitment to personal evolution through yoga & embodied living. Hannah supports women who are experiencing major life transitions such as pregnancy, postpartum, relationships, career, etc. to embody their most natural self-expression so they can become their most confident, creative, sensual, and empowered version of self. As a solution to the dire need she has seen for the healing, growth, & sisterhood of women and mothers as they walk this path to becoming their most authentic self, she created The Sacred Wombyn 8 Limb Path. Hannah is a yoga teacher, birth doula, transformation guide, and a mama to one wild little boy.

+ Special Guest

Megan Schaeffer

LA based holistic health practioner, beauty expert, shaman, and healer Megan Alexandra, uses her magic touch to awaken your pure raw essence and true inner goddess. She is dedicated to helping people feel healthy and beautiful inside and out. Megan believes our bodies give us all of the messages needed to heal ourselves, and she can show people how to listen to and understand those messages. Whether someone's struggling with physical ailments, emotional traumas, or simply wants to look and feel beautiful, she delivers the solution they are looking for. 

Megan travels with her business Gitana, using medicine born from Mother Earth for beauty, health, and healing; Specializing in shamanic energy medicine, wild beauty, aromatherapy & botanical alchemy, women's gatherings, & sacred ceremony.