Embodied Pregnancy, Birth, & Motherhood

1:1 AmbaMama Embodiment Sessions

I've heard from too many mamas that once they went into labor, everything they learned in their childbirth education class went out the window. In my 1:1 embodiment sessions, I'm passionate about sharing with you real tools and practices that will actually help you to listen to your body, stay connected to your breath, and find more ease and - yes - enjoyment on the day of your baby's arrival as well the months leading up to it and the many years of motherhood to follow.

My preferred way of working with you is in a fun, feminine, and personalized 6-week embodiment series. Some women start and end before baby's arrival, and some women extend the sessions into postpartum. We can work together to customize the schedule that works for you. Single sessions are available as well. 


6-week AmbaMama Embodiment series include:

>> 60-90 minute embodiment sessions for 6 weeks

>> Elemental breaths to stay calm, grounded, and soft

>> AmbaMama embodied movement to feel good in your body, prepare for childbirth, and support healing and strengthening postpartum

>> Sound exercises that help to create an opening and softening in your mind, throat, and pelvis - very important for childbirth!

>> Guided earth resonance to help you harness the love and support that surrounds you and exists within you

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AmbaMama Blessingway

A Blessingway is like a baby shower, but instead, a mama's close women friends and family will gather as we shower the mother with love and blessings in celebration of this incredibly special time in her life.

An AmbaMama Blessingway includes:

>> An opening circle to connect and create a sacred container for the mama

>> A 60 - 90 minute AmbaMama movement class with partnering

>> Deep nourishment meditation with essential oils safe for pregnancy

>> Flower Mandala ceremony and Blessing circle for the mama

>> Closing circle with sound bath to shower the mama with healing and supportive sound from her community of women

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