June 21 - Aug 23 Root, Release, & Rise - Yoga, Mindfulness, & Sound Healing

ROOT into Truth RELEASE beliefs blocking you from living in Truth RISE beyond & into your highest potential June 21 - August 23, 2019 A 5 part workshop series with yoga, mindfulness practices, and sound healing experiences specially curated to bring you into alignment with each of the 7 chakras. Lead by Hannah Grasso and live sound healing by Greg Papania If you experience stress, anxiety, loneliness, self-doubt, & comparison, or want to attract greater abundance in love and money, feel confident in your authentic expression and trust your intuition then join Hannah Grasso and Greg Papania for this deeply immersive 5-part yoga, sound, and soul journey. Our beliefs are everything; they determine whether we ever achieve our desires and live out our purpose. Each week, you will identify and clear out the limiting beliefs blocking your chakras through powerful exercises such as writing, yoga, and sound healing. No more dreaming, wishing and waiting to live your best life. Now is the time to ROOT, RELEASE, & RISE.   Price: $150 full program or $33 drop in *full program participation highly recommended for your highest evolvement Location: Prema Yoga Evolution 17549 Chatsworth St, Granada Hills, Ca 91344 SIGN UP HERE


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