Period is Power Podcast Guest Intake

Show Brief
The Period is Power Podcast aims to shatter the standard perception of what it means to be a menstruating woman and 
radically shift the conversation around women’s menstrual cycles, the womb, and the capacity the womb offers us as a portal for rising into your full essence and authentic code, for healing your body and this planet, and for raising the vibration and connection of all of humanity for generations to come. 


Potential topics we'll be diving into for listeners to expand their belief of what is possible for them to live, create, and BE in their lives include but are not limited to: the moon and menstrual cycles, motherhood, plant medicines, sacred sex and sensuality, wild nature and so much more.


Why I want YOU to be a podcast guest
My intention is to share with listeners the stories of both women and men who are not only embodying their power and paving the way for us all to reach our potential and shift our consciousness and the consciousness of our planet, but who do so in a raw and real way.
And I think you exemplify just that! 

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