Online Women's Embodiment Courses to love your menstrual cycle!


Use the moon as a guide to honor your menstrual cycle, awaken your feminine, sensual nature, and become your own medicine woman


What You'll Learn:
- Understand when and how the Four Moon phases impact your menstrual cycle, your emotions, your social tendencies, your sexual desires, etc, etc.

- how to identify what moon phase you align with at any given time in your cycle

- how to source nature's elements from within your body, through movement, to become your own medicine woman

- how to move your body during any given phase in a way that supports your ability to show up in your FULLNESS as a woman and move through any physical, emotional, or life obstacle

What You'll Get:
- the 8 Limb Mama Moon Dial to track your archetypal moon phases

- 4 video lessons that detail each of the Four Moon phases + 1 PDF for each for you to have on hand to reference at any point 

- access to 4 Amba Movement women's embodiment videos designed to move you through the many emotions, physical sensations, and habitual influence of each phase. Learn to move in a way that is based on the elements your body craves to embody within each phase.

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