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June - November 2022

The Golden Womb Embodiment Facilitator Training

a 6 month online certification program

For women leaders, healers, teachers, and guides - or those who desire to become one - to move into the next level of your feminine leadership and enrich the way you serve with life-changing embodiment practices and feminine wisdom that support somatic healing, sensual liberation, and soul empowerment.


or women who simply desire to deepen your relationship to your womb, your body, the earth, and the divine so that you feel embodied in the full spectrum of your feminine nature, connected to the great power that moves through you, rooted in your truth, and at home in your body. 


Plus, learn how to facilitate transformative containers guiding women to connect with the power of their womb and how to build a feminine business that honors womb-consciousness and the organic birth process.

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Womb work is the future of women's health.

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As the root of our somatic body and nervous system,

the womb is connected to our entire body

through the energy centers, nerves and fascia (connective tissue),

and what are referred to as our "rivers of consciousness"

in the Golden Womb method.


We are living at the precipice of a grand reemergence of womb-consciousness after 1,000s of years of suppression and conditioned distrust and disregard for the womb's wisdom and power.


The Golden Womb Method is an integrative system of embodiment, womb wisdom, energy work, and somatics that empowers women to facilitate healing and transformation through their connection to the earth, the body, the womb, and the divine.  

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Become a Golden Womb Embodiment Facilitator 

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Our 6 months together include...

Jun - Sept 2022

4 monthly weekend trainings on zoom

6/11 - 6/12, 7/9 - 7/10, 8/13 - 8/14, 9/10 - 9/11

These 6 months will give you the knowledge and practices for you to become a powerful feminine leader of women's embodiment and womb healing - however you choose to share it. This is a womb embodiment training and feminine business training in one! Our trainings will take place one weekend (Sat & Sun) per month over zoom.

4 monthly womb embodiment classes on zoom

dates TBD

Graduates of the Golden Womb EFT are set up to be deeply embodied in the practices and teachings beyond conceptual understanding. In addition to our weekend trainings, our monthly womb embodiment classes are 90-min for you to drop-in with your own practice, go on guided womb journeys, and take all that you are learning deeper into the body.

Nov 2022

Final Project Presentations (on zoom)

During our final weekend together you will present & submit your final project to receive your certificate of completion from Golden Womb Embodiment School ready to serve the world as Golden Womb Embodiment Facilitator. Final projects will be explained in detail during our training. 

Practice Teaching

Throughout our 6 months together there will be many opportunities for practice teaching. Whether you plan to share this work with others or not, practice teaching is a powerful way to use your voice, build confidence, and awaken your inner medicine woman.

+ Receive a Certificate of Completion as a Golden Womb Embodiment Facilitator


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"One of the most transformational experiences of my life! It was so lovely working with Hannah along so many amazing women. My life has changed so much since then and I wouldn't change that for anything. It was pure magic!"


- Emily L.

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The Golden Womb Method 2 Spiral Journey
+ What You'll Learn

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The Inward Spiral

You can only guide others as deep as you've gone yourself. The first spiral of this journey is all about your personal embodiment and womb awakening. 

What You'll Learn:

  • Herstory of the Womb & Remembering the Womb’s Divine Role

  • ReBuild Your Crystalline Womb & Activate the Golden Womb Channel

  • Learn how to open, clear, and seal your light body

  • Activating the Womb Council

  • Cyclical Living & Empowerment

  • Reintegrating the Organic Blueprint of Your Divine Feminine Architecture

  • Subconscious, Shadow & Trauma Releasing through the Womb

  • Yoni & Womb Purification Practices 

  • Embodiment for Energetic & Spiritual Protection

  • Mastering the Energetics of the Womb

  • Movement for Embodied Womb Healing

  • Elemental Embodiment as Medicine for Healing and Empowerment 

  • The Embodiment Approach to Inner Child Healing and Parts Work

  • Hands on Womb Healing

  • Devotion, The Masculine, & the HeArt of Receiving

  • Healing through The Heart & The Heart of the Yoni

  • The 7 Gates of the Womb and the Organic Birth Process for Feminine Leadership

The Outward Spiral

Now that you have embodied the work for yourself, you are ready to walk to spiral path leading out into the world for you to share your gifts. 

What You'll Learn:

  • Womb-Based Business: Applying the energetics of the womb to your business

  • The art of facilitating

  • Building your brand

  • How to Stand Out 

  • Overcoming Your Fears, Imposter Syndrome, etc.

  • Holding Space for Women

  • Finding Your Voice as a Facilitator 

  • Practice Teaching

  • Crafting Your Offering


Once you have completed this training, you will feel confident guiding women to step into their power, build loving and pleasurable relationships with their bodies, integrate their shadows and rewire their subconscious all through a powerful connection with the wisdom encoded in the womb on an energetic and soul level.

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Embody Your Power as a Feminine Leader

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Is this you?
You are a woman who desires to...

  • awaken to the power of your womb and integrate the multidimensional beauty of your feminine nature through the foundational archetypes of the womb

  • become the impactful feminine leader you are destined to be

  • become skilled in guiding women into empowering relationships with their wombs, their bodies, and their soul in an earth-centered, embodied way

  • guide women to connect with their power, pleasure, and purpose

  • take your teachings to the next level by infusing the healing arts of embodiment and womb wisdom

  • learn the energetics of the womb and how to harness these energies to bring greater alignment in your life

  • Root into the center of your power and embody your self-worth

  • learn highly effective and nourishing practices for emotional regulation, anxiety, and depression, and nervous system regulation

  • Work with the foundational principles of the womb to discover new ways of relating and expressing yyour feminine consciousness 

  • Learn hands-on adjustments and healing techniques

  • Learn to speak the language of the body

  • Move passed fears or blocks around standing in your absolute truth and power 

  • Protect your energy and build strong energetic boundaries that create freedom in your expression 

  • Creating and guiding healthy and nourishing relationships with women

The Methods Taught in the Golden Womb EFT Have Supported Thousands of Women to…

  • Find relief from painful periods

  • Feel open and expressive in their sensuality 

  • Root into their center of power

  • Create healthy energetic boundaries

  • Stop people pleasing or being a sponge to everyone else’s energy and emotions

  • Leave toxic relationships and environments that don’t serve them 

  • Re-write subconscious blocks to receiving the love and abundance they desire

  • Find sisterhood and open to more nourishing relationships with other women

  • Become pregnant and carry to term after multiple miscarriages

  • Feel connected to their purpose

  • Find healing in their relationships with their mother, ancestors, 

  • Feel a deeper connection to God and to the Divine

  • Regulate their nervous system and heal from past trauma

  • Find joy, safety and pleasure in sex and intimacy after trauma

  • and so much more!

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Your Guide


Hi love, I'm Hannah Grasso. I am a Master Embodiment Teacher, Womb Guide, and the creatrix of The Golden Womb Method. I've been teaching and facilitating transformational containers for 15 years and am known for my earth-rooted approach to integrating ancient womb wisdom in practical and accessible ways for women. I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience from decades of certification programs and mentorships in yoga, deep body meditation, energy healing, archetypal embodiment, women's embodiment, tantra and sacred sensuality, birth doula training, business development, and solar feminine and multidimensional soul work.  

I taught yoga since I was 15 years old and loved it, but I felt deep down there was more for me. When I discovered womb wisdom and the world of women's embodiment, it unlocked dimensions of my feminine nature I didn't even realize were being suppressed. I became a more powerful leader, my intimate relationships thrived, and I felt more "me" than ever before as I confidently stepped into my purpose.


In 2015 I vowed to share womb work and feminine embodiment with as many woman as I possibly can. I have since led thousands of women through powerful womb journeys via classes, online courses, retreats, and private mentorships.

The vision is so much bigger than me though. I created the Golden Womb Embodiment Facilitator Training to pass the torch on to women like you who are willing to show up to the deep work and feel passionate about sharing it wit your families, communities, and clients. 

If you want to feel more embodied in your purpose as a feminine leader and create a meaningful career positively impacting the lives of women, then this training is for you!

"One of the best decisions I've ever made for myself. Being there with these women, absorbing & integrating this medicine...there are no words. Hannah, thank you so much for creating this opportunity, for creating a safe space to heal, for creating a space to reconnect with the body. The love I hold from this experience I will carry with me forever." - Bailey W.

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Tuition + What's Included

What's Included:

6 monthly weekend trainings on zoom

6 monthly womb embodiment classes on zoom


Final Project Presentations on zoom


Printable Training Manual

Certificate of Completion as a Golden Womb Embodiment Facilitator


$3333 early bird / $3895 regular

Early bird pricing ends May 25

Flexible payment plans available up to 10 months


There are 3 partial scholarships available. Scholarship reduces tuition to $2500.

Scholarship applications must be submitted by May 15.

Training Schedule

Attendance is *required* for the monthly weekend training modules & 3-day retreat. Womb embodiment classes will be recorded if you are unable to attend live, although live participation is strongly encouraged as often as possible.


Weekend Training Modules 

Sat & Sun 9a - 4p PST

June 11-12

July 9-10

August 13-14

September 10-11

October 14-15

November 12-13

Monthly Womb Embodiment Classes

Day & Time TBD 

Journey the sacred path of the spiral into your deepest Feminine Truth.

 Emerge as a powerful leader

embodied in your magnetic essence,

and confident in guiding women with embodied grace

into their truth, pleasure, and power.

Upon completion of this training you will receive a certificate of completion

as a Golden Womb Embodiment Facilitator.

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What Women are Saying 

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“This training has offered me an irreplaceable sense of meaning fulfillment. I feel more grounded, inspired, and in my body than ever. All of the doubts I had about whether I was meant to do this work have vanished completely. Now I am clear about my devotion to womb healing and bringing it to other beautiful women. The content in this training is so rich that it really takes you on a journey! Hannah embodies this work so deeply that every moment with her is pure gold, her wisdom is communicated beyond her words, it is woven into all she shares and teaches. I am so happy I followed my intuition and took this training even though I was scared and it was a big leap of faith in many ways, I knew it was for me. Many puzzle pieces have come together for me thanks to this training, both personally and professionally. And it has also enabled me to deepen my connection to myself, Earth, and Spirit. I am forever grateful.”


 Zion D.


“Thank you Hannah for this incredible experience! When we worked together previously for my own womb healing journey I knew this was such powerful special medicine that my soul was drawn too and it was mostly because it was coming through your beautiful soul which I feel so deeply connected to! I immediately knew I had to ask you to train me in these practices so I could help spread this medicine to other women around me! This container of learning how to be a womb guide brought me even more into my own connection with my womb as it took me deeper into stepping into my fully embodied empowered state and brought me even further into my journey of helping the collective through this embodied journey of healing through the power of our own bodies! Thank you for much for this beautiful experience with all who shared in this experience with me and thank you Hannah for being YOU!

-- Leah A.

06-19-21 wildflower retreat - Hannah Grasso - Ele Perez-360_edited.jpg

"I feel so blessed for having been part of this amazing container that Hannah created for us to start experiencing and sharing the fine methods of the Golden Womb. It truly felt like the initiation of a lineage, deeply experiential knowledge but also taught in a way that felt light and enjoyable. I immediately felt empowered to start sharing it in my woman's circles and workshops. It felt like a true transmission of something that although new in a way for me, it totally resonated with my intuition and experience. Hannah is an amazing and super inspiring guide. There is so much integrity and beauty in the way she teaches and I love that she expresses a true sense of service to woman and the world."

- Veronica R.

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