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6 weeks to Sexual Healing & Liberation
Begins September 1, 2021

Your Gateway to Heaven

is through your Yoni

It is every woman’s birthright to intimately know the inner-workings of her sacred womb space.


In this 6wk mentorship, journey in sisterhood as Hannah guides you to connect with and heal the trauma, societal & religious programming, & energetic imprints stored in each of the 7 Gates of the Womb


so that you can live...


+ deeply in tune with your body’s wisdom & desires,


+ open and receptive to expansive pleasure,


+ in union with the Divine that you ARE and that is sourced from within YOU,


+ and knowledgeable in how to support your body in processing deeply stored emotions, trauma, and other energetic imprints in the womb


all of which may be affecting your hormones, your fertility, your sexual pleasure and expression, your relationship patterns, your ability to manifest your desires, and so, so much else! 


Open your Gateway to Heaven!

What is your Heaven on Earth?

How would it feel in your body?


What would you get to create from that space?

Creating your Heaven on Earth from the quantum space of the womb is actually very simple when you understand the energetics of how to work with the womb's divine intelligence rather than against Her.

Whether from sexual trauma, religious indoctrination, or the thousands of years of patriarchal programming, contraction, shame and disempowering beliefs live in feminine bodies and close us off to the expansive embodied sensuality we came into these bodies to live and share from.


Your sensuality is a superpower.

Your sensuality brings you closer to the divine.

Your sensuality is the gateway to anchor the Divine on this earthly realm.


You are ready to reclaim your body as an embodiment of The Divine Mother,

It is your God-given birthright to anchor the bright, beaming light of your soul onto Earth.

Your embodied Feminine radiance & magnetism is your purpose here.

When you embody this...

your relationships reflect your soul desires,

you cultivate the confidence to be seen in your raw form, your authentic power & expression,


you master the art of receiving and transmuting your pain into pleasure and purpose,


your self-worth expands into the infinite,


& your manifestations arrive quickly and with ease


because you're actually working with the greatest technology we have as feminine bodied souls

...your womb.


However, there are lifetimes of energies and old programs stored in the womb that


cloud this sovereignty,


that influence the way you feel in your body


& the thoughts you have that direct your life,


and cause you to close off to the depths of your pleasure.


As we work through the 7 gates of the womb

you'll connect with your soul codes held in each gate


and clear the imprints stored there to open the pathway


for Heaven to birth through your body.


6 weeks

learning everything you need to know about the 7 Gates of the Womb, de-armoring, & embodied sovereignty


in powerful, supportive sisterhood


guided movement, yoni steam, womb massage & breast massage circles


BONUS workshops with guest teachers/healers in Neuro-Emotional Technique, subconscious unblocking, and sonic womb healing

all calls & circles will be recorded and housed in the course portal

Copy of Copy of GATEWAY TO HEAVEN (1)_edited.jpg

The 7 Gates of the Womb are physical and energetic spaces in the body, the yoni, and the womb where we store the imprint of emotions, memories, past lovers, societal and religious programming, traumas from this lifetime, past lifetimes, and even the imprint of what we may have picked up in our mother’s womb or passed on from our ancestors. 


The womb holds it all.


In this 6wk mentorship, we will work in a deliciously powerful yet loving and safe manner to invite your body to open to more and more of your authentic energy, creative power, your womb health, your pleasure and sexual liberation.


In doing so, you’ll also cultivate strong energetic boundaries and learn how to gracefully protect your energy in the world as you root deeper into what you desire, accept and receive in your energetic field and your physical body.


Who is this course for?

  • women who desire to heal from sexual trauma, shame & societal programming, and other womb trauma such as abortion, longterm birth control use, miscarriage, and more. You get to embody expansive pleasure through your temple and return to sovereignty.

  • women who desire to receive more deeply and truly enjoy it. Whether that means to physically receive penetration, or to be penetrated by consciousness, to receive intimacy, abundance, or even support from others....this journey will support you to receive in all ways.

  • women who intuitively know that the womb-related challenges you experience such as menstrual irregularities, pcos & endometriosis, painful sex or lack of desire, recurring miscarriages and fertility issues, etc are a direct result of the stories, traumas, emotions, etc stored in your womb - whether from this lifetime, past lifetimes or even from your ancestors

  • women who desire to heal & integrate both the Divine Feminine & Masculine and step into a divine partnership with God/Source Creation within your own body. Live in an embodiment of royal marriage between your Inner King and Queen.

  • women who are moving through big life transitions and desire to heal the subconscious programming that has you settling for anything less than your biggest love, your highest worth, and boldest embodiment


The Journey

Module 1
Body of Love

We start at the Lips of Love. This week, you get to de-program unserving beliefs & imprints from society and personal traumas + reclaim your body's sense of safety to live, create, receive, and express the way YOU desire. It won't all be sunshine & rainbows AND... you'll have the support & sisterhood you deserve to get through it feeling seen & empowered.

Module 2
Waterfalls of Pleasure

We journey in to the Gratitude Spot. Blossom open to an expansive relationship with pleasure as you shine a light on your shadows with both the Feminine and the Masculine. Address unresolved trauma and wounding around receiving pleasure, the masculine, your inner King, and reclaim your body as a holy temple for your holy desires.

Module 3
Sensually Alive

Rise in the playful pleasure of the Rose. The sweet essence of unconditional love for your Light & your Dark. Your programming around receiving pleasure is clearing, now it's time to fully enjoy it and allow pleasure to expand through the depths of your being. Don't just claim your desires, demand them as your sacred right - in unashamed pleasure!

Module 4
Fierce with Grace

Arrive in the heart of the yoni - the Inner Temple. We enter with grace, love, and compassion to do the deep work around releasing energetic & emotional entanglements and breaking generational cycles that are not serving you. Receive love & lovers with the Grace of The Mother. Rise in your worth as QUEEN.

Module 5
Portal of Wild

Enter the Stargate; the portal between worlds. You know what is aligned for you & now you welcome it fully in a deeper, more sacred way. Embody your erotic wild woman. What wants to be birthed through you? Who is God/Source asking you to be? This week, you take divine, earth-rooted ownership of your life, your space, your boundaries, and more so that it can all move from the cosmos into your earthly self.

Module 6
Center of Source

 Source from the quantum. You've cleared so much, now you get to create from the infinite depth of your source center. Full trust in the unseen and unknown. Source your desires and be open to the magic that is already on its way. Bring Heaven through your body.

We’ll be using all of the tools native to your beautiful body and soul - 

Plus one of Hannah’s favorite tools for opening the 7 Gates & sovereign exploration of your sensuality 


The Pleasure Wand


Participants will receive an exclusive discount code to purchase your wand from my favorite, ethically sourced, woman-owned company


You have two choices for wands to work with throughout our journey….

the Crystal Pleasure Wand

0P7A2032_Original 2.jpg

the Cervix Wand


(& if you can swing it, I definitely encourage you to gift yourself both of these!)

How to choose your wand...

The Crystal Pleasure Wand is great because...


well, it's crystal!

  • You get to receive the healing properties of the stone

  • it truly feels like a live relationship because of the consciousness in it

  • this wand has ample girth + 2 ends (one narrow, one wide) for various uses

  • Use your intuition when choosing your stone. I recommend starting with Rose Quartz - it evokes a sweet, gentle self-love. 

What I love about the Cervix Wand…

  • Slim, narrow size makes for a more gental glide into the yoni - especially great for women who experience pain or physical/emotional resistance to being penetrated due to a myriad of personal reasons.

  • The end with a round ball provides delicious access to the G-Spot (aka the Gratitude Spot) while the textured end can increase pleasure sensations throughout the yoni

  • The S-shape allows you to access more and deeper spaces on and around the cervix while not being overly invasive due to the narrow girth.

  • The length provides ample space to hold and maneuver the wand so that you can relax and soften more in your neck/shoulders/jaw while still accessing deeper spaces in the yoni. This softening/relaxing is *essential* for the body to feel safe opening to more pleasure.





Hypnotherapy for the Subconscious Womb

w/ Montanna Harrington, Clinical Hypnotherapist

Journey to the cosmic womb within to re-member and re-integrate the true sensation of unconditional love in your body and in your life.Hypnosis has been one of my secret superpowers for reprogramming my subconscious and embodying my feminine magnetism to create a life that is HEAVEN!

neruo emtoional technique.jpeg


w/ Dr. Alan Duben, D.C. & NET Practitioner

The Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) is the process of identifying emotional reactions that are “stuck” in our body and releasing them through a gentle and effective process. Dr. Alan Duben is my personal NET Practitioner and has helped me to identify and reprogram countless imprints from this lifetime and past lifetimes to support on my womb healing journey. Having access to this session at no additional cost is invaluable!!

sonic womb live.jpeg


a Womb Healing Sound Bath Experience

w/ Gabriel Logan Braun & Hannah Grasso

Sonic Womb is a sound healing experience that drops you into the experience of being back in the womb. Gabriel is a one-man band, looping several healing instruments and channeled tones to create a vibrational symphony that heals & restores your nervous system. During this experience, Hannah will guide you through a self womb massage to dislodge stuck trauma and imprints in the body.

Live Class Schedule

Below is the schedule for the live calls. Times will be voted on and will vary to accomodate for different time zones and allow everyone the chance to attend live.

Lives calls will be held on Zoom except for the Opening Circle & Prayer Invocation. All calls will be recorded and accessible in the course portal.

Week 1

Wed Sep 1 11am PST: Opening Circle & Prayer Invocation Call in FB group
Thurs Sep 2 : Module 1 Live Group Call


Week 2

Tues Sep 7 OR Thurs Sep 9: Module 2 Live Group Call
Saturday September 11: Neuro Emotional Technique w/ Dr. Alan Duben


Week 3

Tues September 14: Module 3 Live Group Call
Wed Sep 15: Hyonotherapy for the Subconscious Womb w/ Montanna Harrington


Week 4

Tuesday Sep 21: Module 4 Live Group Call


Week 5



Week 6

Tues Oct 5: Module 6 Live Group Call
TBA : Sonic Womb: A Womb Healing Sound Experience





What's Included:

  • 6 weeks live mentorship with Hannah Grasso & a divinely orchestrated group of sovereign sisters

  • weekly live group calls + 3 bonus workshops with guest healers

  • Hannah's Blossom Masterclass: a movement journey through the 7 Gates of the Womb

  • private FB community to connect with your sisters, ask questions, & feel seen & supported

  • guided yoni steam, self breast massage, & self womb massage circles

  • 3 bonus guest workshops: Hypnotherapy for the Subconscious Womb, Neuro-Emotional Technique, & Sonic Womb Live

  • exclusive discounts on yoni wands, womb massage oils, yoni steam herbs, and other heavenly products to support your journey

  • private login to course portal with access to all call recordings & course materials 

How it Works:

  1. Enroll by submitting your payment HERE - yay!

  2. Check your inbox for a welcome email, please allow 24hrs to receive this. Email if you do not see this email after 24hrs

  3. Purchase your Crystal Pleasure yoni wand or The Cervix Wand (required for this course) at using the discount code provided in your welcome email

  4. Request to join the Private FB group to start connecting with your sisters. 

  5. Get ready for the journey to sexual healing & liberation that you've been praying for!

Start right away! As soon as you enroll, you'll have access to Hannah's Blossom Masterclass: an embodied movement journey through the 7 Gates of the Womb


Your Guide


Hannah Grasso

In my 15yrs of teaching and guiding souls to be liberated in their bodies, the wisdom and practices of the 7 Gates of the Womb have been some of the most profound to work with. I share this from my personal experience having been supported by this work to heal from sexual trauma and programming, pregnancy loss, and somatic entanglements and from the experience of sharing this work with hundreds of women globally and witnessing the profound healing and activations it has sparked for them as well. I've known for a long time I want to offer a more in-depth journey into the 7 Gates, and I couldn't think of a more aligned time on Earth for us to be doing this work together, as women, as sisters of the Divine. 


Now is our time to go in to the body, to do the deep healing and clearing, and return to our sovereign power in divine partnership with God/Source within our precious wombs. Everyone talks about anchoring Heaven on Earth, however, the pathway to heaven is through your sovereign, alive body.

The time is NOW... 

Support your body in Processing & releasing emotions, trauma, & energetic entanglements stored in each of the 7 Gates of The Womb
to feel liberated in your soul truth, your sovereign pleasure, and the pureness of your authentic essence.

Embody your birthright to receive support and experience expansive Pleasure
from realms beyond, birthed through your body temple for you to live and create a quantum reality on Earth.

Create a forcefield of spiritual and energetic Protection

so you can feel safe & confident on a somatic and subconscious level to live in your Feminine radiance & magnetism

Weave your inner King and Queen into a sensual dance of sacred Partnership. 

You hold the keys to Heaven in your womb.


In this 6 week, online group mentorship we'll explore womb work & embodiment to support the body to...

  • Clear undesired imprints of past or current lovers and relationships

  • Rewire the shame towards your body, your sensuality and your feminine magic from religious and patriarchal programming

  • Process and heal from sexual and ancestral trauma, coming off of birth control, miscarriage, abortion, hysterectomies, & other womb-related challenges

  • Tone and strengthen the vaginal walls and the pelvic floor muscles

  • Regulate the menstrual cycle & reduce gynecological issues like yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, fertility issues, and more...

  • Feel safe and open to receive penetration and enjoy deeper pleasure

  • Love your Inner King & Queen into a sensual dance of sacred union

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