6 week group mentorship for women
Begins August 17

The path of ascension...

is de-scension into the Womb

Support your body in Processing & releasing emotions, trauma, & energetic entanglements in the womb
to feel liberated in your soul truth, your sovereign pleasure, and the pureness of your authentic essence.

Embody your birthright to receive support and expansive Pleasure
from realms beyond, birthed through your body temple for you to live and create a quantum reality on Earth.

Create an unpenetrable forcefield of spiritual and energetic Protection

so you can feel safe on a somatic and subconscious level to forge a path of your own design & your deepest desire.

Weave your inner King and Queen into a sensual dance of sacred Partnership.

Reprogram your relationship with God as one of divine partnership rather than a controlling parent. 

You hold the keys to Heaven in your womb.


In this 6 week, online group mentorship we'll be using womb work & embodiment to support the body in...

  • Clearing undesired imprints of past or current lovers and relationships

  • Rewiring the shame towards your body, your sensuality and your feminine magic from religious and patriarchal programming

  • Processing and healing from sexual and ancestral trauma, coming off of birth control, miscarriage, abortion, hysterectomies, & other womb-related challenges

  • Toning and strengthening the vaginal walls and the pelvic floor muscles

  • Regulating the menstrual cycle

  • Feeling safe and open to receive penetration and enjoy deeper pleasure

  • Meet God in the Womb

  • Loving your Inner King & Queen into a sensual dance of sacred union


Creating your Heaven on Earth from the quantum space of the womb is actually very simple when you understand the energetics of how to work with the womb's divine intelligence rather than against her.

Whether you were raised in the church or not, thousands of years of religious indoctrination and patriarchal programming have embedded shameful and disempowering beliefs around what it means to be in a female body as well as the morality and safety of embodied sensuality. 


Your sensuality is a superpower.

Your sensuality brings you closer to the divine.

Your sensuality is the gateway to anchor the divine on this earthly realm.


You are ready to reclaim your body as an embodiment of The Divine Mother,

a *necessary* vessel for God/Source/Universe to create through

 You are a divine, sovereign being.

It is your god-given birthright to anchor the light of your soul in this body.

Your authentic essence and creative feminine power is your purpose here.

When you embody this,

your relationships reflect your soul desires,

you cultivate the confidence to be seen in your authentic power & expression,

you master the art of receiving and transmuting your pain into pleasure and purpose,

your self-worth sky rockets, and

manifestation becomes easy and ridiculously quick because you're actually working with the greatest technology we have

- your body.


However, in your body, there are so many energies and old programs stored in the womb that

cloud this sovereignty,

influence the way you feel in your body & the thoughts you have that direct your life,

and cause you to close off to the depths of your pleasure.

Have you ever felt a certain way and wondered, "is this even mine?"


Have you ever experienced thoughts about your body or your life and felt, "I know this is not in alignment with my soul truth"?


As we work through the 7 gates of the womb

you'll be connecting with codes of each gate and clearing the imprints stored there to open the pathway for Heaven to birth through your body.


Who is this course for?

  • women who intuitively know that the womb-related challenges you experience such as menstrual irregularities, pcos & endometriosis, painful sex or lack of desire, recurring miscarriages and fertility issues, etc are a direct result of the stories, traumas, emotions, etc stored in your womb - whether from this lifetime, past lifetimes or even from your ancestors

  • women who are ready to rewrite the script and take back full power and ownership of your desires, your sensual sovereignty, and your birthright to live and create in expansive pleasure through your body temple

  • women who are tired of looping in cycles of toxic people and partnerships and are ready to truly look at the parts of you that are subconsciously attracting and allowing this in your life so that you can finally embody your self worth and receive the soulmate friendships and lovers you truly desire.

  • women who want to do life differently than those before her. you want to create a reality in your work, your relationships, with money, and with your body that reflects the divine goddess you know you came into this earth body to anchor on this planet. You know that by doing the deep inner work now, this will ripple through generations to come. What is the legacy you want to leave on this planet?

  • women raised in the church who want to integrate a more empowering and liberating relationship with God and come to integrate the truth that being connected to your body and empowered in your sensuality actually brings you closer to God. This is a relationship you source through your body rather than outside of you

  • women who were not raised in religion and may have even rejected the notion of God due to the portrayal of Him/Her as controlling, judgmental, outside of yourself, or even a dismissal of the Feminine and the Divine Mother. Call it Source, call it the Universe... you want to dismantle the 


The Journey

This course integrates the 7 Gates of the Womb technology for accessing the Divine through your yoni.

Module 1
Body of Love

in our first session, you get to define your heaven and begin to create it from the inside out. Liberate your body from shame, fear, guilt, and programming, and rise as the embodiment of your true source nature -


Module 2
Waterfalls of Pleasure

Blossoming open to a new relationship with pleasure. We arrive at the gratitude spot. Heal unresolved trauma and wounding around receiving pleasure, the masculine, and reclaim your body as a holy temple for your desires. 

Module 3
Sensually Alive

You've cleared the programming around receiving pleasure, now it's time to fully enjoy it and allow pleasure to expand through the depths of your being. Don't just claim your desires, demand them. This life is yours to create.

Module 4
Fierce with Grace

Arrive in the heart of the yoni. Learn to read the walls of your yoni and feel where subconscious programming is stored there. Cultivate the art of receiving through an open yoni. Release energetic entanglements and break cycles that are not serving you.  Receive with the Grace of The Mother.

Module 5
Portal of Wild

We arrive at the cervix. The portal between worlds. You know what is aligned for you and you are ready to welcome it fully in a deeper, more sacred way. Embody your erotic wild woman. Open the throat and roar your truth. What wants to be birthed through you? Who is God/Source asking you to be? This week, you meet her and birth her through your body.

Module 6
God as Lover & Partner

The Inner King and Queen come into sacred marriage, a divine partnership. Source from the quantum. Full trust in the unseen and unknown. Source your desires and be open to the magic that is already on its way. Bring Heaven through your body.

Included in this course:

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6x Live zoom Womb Wisdom group calls including guided embodied movement practices live on zoom + recordings you'll have access to in the course portal forever! This is an essential piece of this program. It's not about you just receiving information, these classes will allow you to take the concepts we explore each week from the mind into the body.

Guided sacred womb massage, breast massage & yoni steam ceremonies. Follow along with video on OR off in the privacy of your home. Connect with your body in the most divine way - merging sensuality and spirituality, supported in the medicine of sisterhood. These practices will be housed in the course portal for you to return to and do on your own anytime.

Receive exclusive discounts on yoni wands, womb massage oils, yoni steam herbs, and other heavenly products to support your journey. We'll be using the cervix wand in this course, one of the most powerful tools for releasing stuck energy in the yoni, cervix, and womb. code to purchase from my favorite, woman-owned and operated shop 

Private Facebook Group

Deepen the work in the container of sisterhood. Connect with the other women, build relationships, ask questions, be seen, and celebrated in your breakthroughs.



w/ Guest Teacher Montanna Harrington, Certified Hypnotherapist

I'm so excited to offer you this bonus class with Montanna Harrington. Hypnosis has been one of my secret superpowers for embodying my highest expression and self worth to create a life that is HEAVEN! Montanna and I will lead this class together, combining embodiment with hypnotherapy to reprogram the subconscious mind and the subconscious womb.


Live Schedule


all of the live calls will be scheduled at varying times to accomodate for different time zones and allow everyone the chance to attend live.

Do not worry about whether or not you'll be able to attend all of the live calls. You will be able to attend Live and you will have access to all of the recordings in the course portal and in the facebook group!