Guided Cervix Meditation

This meditation is intended to be listened to while yoni steaming. If for any reason you will not or can not steam, you will imagine the breath of the earth and the air in the space that surrounds your body as the metaphorical "steam" throughout this journey. 

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Guided Yoni Steam Meditation - The CerviHannah Grasso
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Journal prompts to connect with your cervix codes while you yoni steam, or afterwards

1. What does your cervix desire to birth through you right now?


2. What in your life is currently out of alignment with your divine feminine truth?


3. What sexual, emotional, or ancestral imprints does she desire to release so she can be liberated to create and express freely through you?


4. What does she desire to receive from this steam? From this breath? From this life? What does she need to be fully supported?

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