This was a LIVE event.

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virtual masterclass on zoom

the sacred wombyn's journey to

full body pleasure & full Self embodiment

(note: the below languaging is intended to communicate energetics. You do not need to have a physical womb or be in a hetero relationship to participate in this class)

Love, I know what you desire...

you want to revel in the ecstasy of your most authentic self being shared and SEEN

with confidence, ease, and celebration

you want Divine Union -

first, with your Highest Self and her many dimensions

embodied in your High Self worth so that your relationships, your service & expression in the world, & your bank account are all an accurate reflection of your soul

and also, with a beloved...

one who holds a King-like presence that relaxes you into your Queen,

who can read your body like a book, one he knows by heart and yet he opens with praise and curiosity every time he brings his royal touch to your temple

you want to move beyond clitoral orgasms

open to full body pleasure in a sacred, feminine way

and fully tap in to the power of your body's wisdom for healing sexual, ancestral, and reproductive pain and for grounding into your most confident, authentic woman

you want to ride the waves of your constant evolution and expansion with Grace

and for the Truth of your soul to be seen, felt, heard, and understood

u n q u e s t i o n a b l e

in how you hold your body

in how you walk on this earth

in the frequency felt in your words as they dance off your lips....

you want to...



In this embodied masterclass, I'm going to share with you some of the ancient Truths of the womb that will serve to support you in:

  • ​stop holding back in your intimate connections with your self, with lovers, and with the world so you can truly show up in your embodied worth as the Queen that you are

  • understand the important role of the cervix as one of 7 gates to the womb and a portal of healing and empowerment on your path of evolution + how to connect with each gate

  • provide you with a simple yet profound method of opening your yoni, your body, and your heart to receive even deeper levels of pleasure and alchemy and invoke the essence of your Queen self - a method you'll be able to share with a lover to enhance shared intimacy, if you so choose....

increasing your sexual pleasure (with yourself or with a partner) + embodying your full, radiant self

are two journeys of the same path...

The 7 Gates of the Womb

At the center of your womb...


is the purest form of your Divine Feminine Truth

complete, infinite, unchanging, quantum-dimensional

the cosmic goddess in her many forms,

of which you came into this embodiment with the soul purpose to BE and share 

she is the one you yearn to bring forward in your lovemaking, in your expression, and in your service to the world

the only thing that stands between YOU and embodying Her is....

the cervix

the 5th Gate to the Womb (aka the Stargate)

the bridge between realms (aka the cosmic self manifests as the earth self)

the birth portal through which you get to...

- Root into your feminine power and the knowing of your High Queen, Goddess Self to let her shine through onto the Earth realm

- Continuously source different layers and dimensions of Her from within yourself

- Expand your heart to allow the world - lovers, clients, family, in to truly SEE, feel, and connect with your soul truth

- & start to clear the imprints of past experiences and programs that stored in your cervix so that you can rise in alignment with Her, over and over again

each of the 7 gates of the womb, when approached and handled with divine care, unlocks a deeper level of somatic understanding that you are safe to open, receive, connect, and share the depth of your Divine Feminine Truth

Divine Soul,


I'm Hannah. I use movement, womb wisdom, & sensual embodiment to guide women into even deeper pleasure and soul alignment

embodying the cervix codes & working with the 7 Gates of the Womb changed my life...


because when you open the intricate networks of consciousness between your mind and the womb, you understand how to listen to your body's moment to moment desires, you relax into the wholeness of your Light & Dark Goddess expressions, and find ease in allowing your Truth to be accessed, seen, and shared 


this work blossomed me open to gracefully land in the confident, sensually empowered, authentically expressed woman you see today

it helped me stand in my worth and release a 7 yr relationship I felt trapped in

it gave me a really easy way to communicate to my lovers how they can explore my body in a way that is fun, soul-connecting, and honestly, really effective for both partners to receive greater pleasure...

and quantum-leaped my magnetism to attract soul-aligned women, like yourself, and clients into my life and in my work


and the most beautiful part of it all?


it happened through pleasure

it happened through ease

because this is the path of blossoming

I believe your highest Feminine self wants to be seen

She just needs a presence so pure it pleasures Her into revealing her fullness

and that's what I want to share with you in this masterclass


What's included in this "embodied" masterclass?

This is not a sit-down-and-stare-at-the-screen type of class.

You're going to move.

You're going to tangibly FEEL the codes I share with you being activated in each of the gates as we dance our way through them.

You're going to connect with spiritual women.



(can be done without steaming if you are unable to steam for any reason)



ENDS 2/22



(yes, it's just as powerful)