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Private Embodied Vision Ceremony

for women leaders, healers, & guides to gain clarity on the vision of who or what you are being called into and move through subconscious blocks to become the next dimension of your being.
You can feel yourself on the edge of something big.

Things you once knew and loved are revealing to you where there's no longer alignment.

You may or may not yet have a clear vision of who or what you are being called into

& it may feel uncomfortable or scary AF...

but you can feel the shift

and there's no denying the sense deep in your womb-heart that there's no going back to the way things were or who you used to be.

You're being called into the next dimension of who you are as a woman, as a leader, or a guide.

She is not something you reach for or that you wait for to arrive one day.

To become is to be-co-me, or, to be with the "me" whom you are becoming.

She already lives within your body.

The distance between who you are now and who you are becoming is dependent on you being-with the "you" whom you are becoming. 
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in this 2hr private embodied visioning session

you will...

  • Create a clear vision of who you get to be in this next dimension of your being through embodiment coaching, readings, and guided practices

  • Go on a guided inner journey to identify & be with the subconscious parts of yourself that may be operating in conflict with who you are becoming

  • Be guided through an embodiment journey uniquely designed to land the energetics of your becoming within your body

  • Receive applicable embodiment practices you can do to continue deepening the work on your own

who is this for?


  • You feel like you are in the chrysalis, being molded into new form so that you can spread your wings and soar.

  • You are in the womb, moving through the darkness of the void where you are being asked to trust the unknown, to lean in to the mystery, and see beyond your current reality.

  • You might feel the undeniable call to shift, but you don't know what shift you're being called to make.

  • You might know what shift you're called to make, but you can't see how to possibly get there or who you'll be once you get there.

  • Perhaps you can even feel or identify a subconscious block to who or what you are being called into and you are ready to integrate that part of you and become who you are destined to be.

  • You may be shifting in so many ways that it feels overwhelming and exhausting to your soul.

  • You feel caught in the waiting and simultaneously a deep, soul yearning and readiness to step into your next level. 

  • There may be a lot unknown but the one thing you do know is that you can't go back to the way things once were. However uncomfortable or scary it may be, you are committed to moving into your next dimension.

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I've had an infatuation with the beauty and mystery that comes with change and transformation since I was a little girl. From leaving a 7-yr relationship, becoming a single mother and an entrepreneur running a spiritual business, and supporting thousands of women to connect with the power of their womb, one of the gifts I'm here to serve you with is navigating huge transitions and trusting the unknown in a beautifully feminine way full of grace and embodied power.


Become embodied visioning sessions are some of my favorite to lead. In two hours together we are going to create huge shifts within you so that you can move forward in your journey feeling deeply connected to and aligned with who you are becoming. We'll bring Spirit into the conversation and get clear about what and who you are becoming, create the vision of what you get to create from that embodiment, and also meet parts of yourself you may or may not know are blocking you from fully becoming the next dimension of your being.

Hey love,


I'm Hannah, your embodiment guide.

Are you being called into a higher level of leadership than you ever have before?


Are you being called to make bold moves in your life that others may deem illogical or not possible?


Do you see the same pattern of resistance coming up on your path of becoming?


Are you being called into greater boldness with your artistry and your expression in the world?

Are you being called to use your voice in a bigger way than ever before?


Are you being called to leave that relationship, to carve a new career path, or to unearth an entirely fresh version of you?

You are only ever called into a next dimension of who you already are.

Who you are becoming isn't asking you to do anything to become her.

She's asking you to be with her.

In the same way, there may be a part of you operating in conflict to who you are becoming.

She, too, is asking you to be with her.


And it's in that being-with those parts of you,

where you come into alignment with who you are becoming.

Because you were always her to begin with.

You only needed to be with her,

to become her.
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