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Saturday July 24    |    Malibu, Ca

Attune Your Womb the frequency of the ocean and the light of the Full Buck Moon. Using a combination of hypnotherapy, embodied movement, womb work, & sound healing to integrate the mind-body connection, this ceremony is an opportunity to clear unserving energies held in the subconscious and harness the creative Feminine power that you hold within. On Saturday July 24, as the sun is setting and the full moon rises, join Hannah Grasso, Embodiment Teacher and Womb Guide, and Montanna Harrington, Hypnotherapist, at the ocean in Malibu to Attune Your Womb.


6 - 6:30p Opening Circle + Intention Setting

6:30-7:00p WombMoon Hypnosis + Crystal Bowl Sound Healing

7-7:30p Waking the Power of the Womb Drumming Activation

7:30-8p Wild Ocean Womb Guided Movement Journey + Subtle Light Body Activations

8-8:30p Moonlight cleansing ceremony

8:30 - 9p Flower Mandala Ceremony + Closing Circle


Saturday, July 24 6-9pm pst

Corral State Beach, Malibu, Ca


06-19-21 wildflower retreat - Hannah Gra

Your Guides

06-19-21 wildflower retreat - Hannah Gra


Embodiment Teacher & Womb Guide



Certified Hypnotherapist

Hannah is the earthy, sensual, womb & body-centered Feminine Guide, and

Montanna is the Light, mind mystic, Healer from the Heavens.

Each of our work leads to the same place

- the Divine, Eternal Truth within you -

just from two, equally powerful, symbiotic, yet different entries.

When we lead together, we merge the two worlds of Mind & Body, of Light & Dark, of Heavens & Earth,

to bring you into the aligned consciousness of all that you are. Transcending and expanding the paradigms of your harmonized center of sovereign divinity. 


Whole & Holy.

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