Womb Guide.

Embodiment Teacher and Coach.

Birth Practitioner.

Woman of Nature.



In the simplest of terms...

I teach you how to BE in a body.

seems like it should come naturally, right?

after all, we spend our entire lifetime in these bodies...

do we really need to be taught

how to connect with this body,

how to express through this body,

how to feel pleasure and how to manifest and how to heal through this body?

The answer is Yes.


because for so many thousands of years

people - especially women - have been conditioned to

disconnect from

to distrust

to attempt to escape, make smaller, cover up,


and certainly,

to not find personal power, happiness, true happiness

or yes, even God

within this body.


I teach women how to live, create, and birth in pleasure through their magnificent body via transformative

online courses, retreats, and private 1:1 work.


When you enter my space,

you enter your remembrance that this body - your body - holds your greatest potential for birthing the life you desire to bring through you.

And not only that you hold this potential, but how to access it, pull it out of the shadows, and to live in your embodiment of it.

My credentials...

I've been a yoga teacher for 15 years. I have a BS in Health Education. I've completed several in depth facilitator trainings and am a trained Birth Doula. I have studied, trained in, and practiced, and taught women's embodiment, womb work, somatic healing, and sacred sensuality for the past 6 years.

I am my muse.

My body is my greatest source of liberation.


it was not always this way....


No, I wasn't raised with this connection to my body.
I was, however, raised to think critically;

To question life and to find my own answers.


Like many young girls, I had a challenging relationship with my body growing up.

I started dieting when I was 8 years old.
I buried painful experiences of sexual abuse and emotional torment under programmed beliefs of

"this is just how life is for a girl"

Then at age 14, my vision of becoming a professional athlete was snatched away from me in a second when I injured myself during a volleyball tournament,

an injury that resulted in 3 knee surgeries all before I was 17.


Injured and bed ridden, I felt I'd lost control of my body and of my future. 

To gain it back, I starved myself.
I became addicted to the sensation of emptiness.

I hated my body. It felt like a prison. The wrong shape. The wrong size. Powerless. A burden.

A decade later I would discover the connection between the womb and the pleasure we experience being in a body.

And furthermore that the womb is a portal to the infinite Source, to God. That by starving myself all those years I was unconsciously searching for a way to connect to God within myself, emptying the layers of noise and nonsense that clouded my connection source within me.


I discovered Womb Wisdom while I was pregnant with my son, Bodhi Zane, at age 22.

When I learned about the power and creative energy of the womb beyond reproduction, I was simultaneously struck with a newfound awe and appreciation for my body and also with a firey anger that this wisdom had been kept from me all my life, kept from women for centuries.

I thought about all the suffering I went through with my relationship to my body and just how different things may have been if I'd known just how beautifully, cosmically, wonderous and powerful my body actually was and how to connect with that power that I held, that I am.

I was lit up with a passion that truly felt like a soul-duty to share this wisdom with as many women as I possibly could. 


I gave birth to my son without the use of drugs and had a wonderful experience, but in preparing myself for such a feat, kept feeling like there was something majorly missing from the world of birth prep.

When I found embodiment work during my postpartum, I finally found that missing piece.
I'd been teaching yoga for nearly a decade already but had never experienced something so brilliantly designed for empowering the female body and the FEMININE to come alive in her fullness.

A single mother at 23, working full time and going to school, I decided to go against the

well-meaning but fear-based advice of nearly everyone around me whose advice I respected and

I quit my job to go full-time sharing these teachings.


Six years later, I am so grateful that I did.
I absolutely love getting to guide and to witness women come ALIVE in her fullness.


Here's how you can work with me: